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If your girlfriend has started losing interest in you, then you need to understand why this happens and what you can do to fix this problem before your girlfriend breaks up with you.This article will show you: If you handle this situation the right way, you’ll be able to get your girlfriend back with even more interest; however, if you mess up and do something wrong, you run the risk of losing your girlfriend forever because when your girlfriend loses interest in you this is one of the first signs that your girlfriend is looking to break up with you.I recently got an email from a guy whose girlfriend has just started to lose interest in him: Hey Chris, I’ve noticed some changes in my girlfriend’s behavior recently that is pretty disturbing.I’d like to start by saying that we had an awesome relationship for the last 8 months, but recently she’s become more and more distant and I’m scared that she’s starting to lost interest in me.I’ve sent her a message asking if she’s okay, but she didn’t respond until the next day.She says she’s been really busy and tired at work but I think she’s lying. Thank you, Dave Call it what you will, this girl is definitely pulling away or losing interest in this guy.

Things started out amazing, getting to know each other turned into mutual interest and before long he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Are you finding yourself waiting longer for her response? First, it’s seeing each other less and cancelling dates.

Now she isn’t even attempting to make any more plans to see you.

Has your girlfriend suddenly started acting differently around you?

Have you been trying to understand her actions but just can’t seem to figure them out?