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Why darwin was wrong about dating

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Read our related editorial: Uprooting Darwin’s tree IN JULY 1837, Charles Darwin had a flash of inspiration.

In his study at his house in London, he turned to a new page in his red leather notebook and wrote, “I think”. As far as we know, this was the first time Darwin toyed with the concept of a “tree of life” to explain the evolutionary relationships between different species.

The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution. The response to creationism (and its intelligent-design incarnation) has included several excellent books (e.g., Alters and Alters 2001, Pennock 2001, Pigliucci 2002, Scott 2009) and institutional statements (e.g., NAS 2008).

The conflict between evolutionary science and creationism is the front line in the defense of science.

Several branches of creationism, including creation science, neo-creationism, and intelligent design, argue that the idea of life being directly designed by a god or intelligence is at least as scientific as evolutionary theory, and should therefore be taught in public education.

At first it's very scary – but in the past couple of years people have begun to free their minds." Both he and co-researcher Dr Ford Doolittle stressed that downgrading the tree of life doesn't mean the theory of evolution is wrong just that evolution is not as tidy as we would like to believe.

Dr Doolittle, of California University, said: "We should relax a bit on this.

Dr Dupré said: "There are problems even in that little corner." Having uprooted the tree of unicellular life biologists are now taking their axes to the remaining branches.

Dr Bapteste said: "If you don't have a tree of life what does it mean for evolutionary biology.